Wu Martial Arts Association
Is a government-registered 501(C)3 non-profit organization
是政府註冊的 501(C)3 非營利組織

Wu Martial Arts Association

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Wu Martial Arts Association Hosted in Houston

World Star Chinese Martial Arts Championship WSCMAC

Wu Martial Arts Association

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Xingyi Wuxing Boxing

Wu Martial Arts Association President Ernie Wu Presented


Wu Martial Arts Association

  • 1985

    Wu Martial Arts Association Founded in Houston

    Wu Martial Arts Association Founded in 1985,Belonging to a non-profit organization, the activities do not involve politics or religion, The purpose of the association is to promote the traditional Chinese martial arts culture, through lectures, martial arts seminars and national art observations. Learning methods, providing an interactive platform for exchanges and exchanges between people of various ethnic martial arts to help overseas Chinese children understand Chinese martial arts is profound and profound, and it strives to promote Chinese martial arts overseas.

  • President Ernie Wu

    Vice President Chienli Wu

    President Ernie Wu Specialized and practical self-defense techniques, including Shaolin boxing and eight-step squatting, the unique eight-step martial arts teacher inherits the famous martial artist Wei Xiaotang; Vice President Chienli Wu advocates the Taijiquan of the internal martial arts, with soft gram, tempering and rejuvenating, paying attention to foreign transportation The coherence of internal movements maintains the function of the organs and strengthens the body; the couples are acquainted with each other and are more willing to lead the martial arts together.

  • Chinese martial arts crown world

    The true value of Chinese martial arts

    President Ernie Wu indicated,「Chinese martial arts crown world,Chinese people shake overseas], Recently,Chinese children have been glowing in various international martial arts events, and the film industry has portrayed martial arts to attract mainstream society to see the mystery of Chinese martial arts. In fact, the true value of Chinese martial arts is to promote the virtues of Wude, and the culture is passed on from generation to generation. The law of martial arts is to "maintain and repair, both internal and external," to enhance the physical and mental health of the people, to cultivate both civil and military talents, respect the teacher, and to bring people with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Service, compassion, and enhance the overall health of the body and mind, cultivate a sound personality that is unimpeded, and work together to promote social harmony.

  • Wu Martial Arts Association

    Hope to go international

    Due to the promotion of the Chinese martial arts mission, Wu Martial Arts Association hopes to go international, not only to hold martial arts guides, national art observation meetings, but also to introduce the Chinese martial arts to Shell Oil Company, the mainstream community activity center and schools at all levels. Chienli Wu is also at Rice University. Credit courses are offered. Adhering to the concept of community service, Wu Martial Arts Association has spared no effort to serve the overseas Chinese, including the Dragon Boat Festival, the International Festival, and even the Rocket Opening Ceremony, which have been invited to perform, attend the 102nd National Day Flag Raising Ceremony or hold self-defense lectures. Remind people to be alert.

  • To encourage young children to host

    "World Star Chinese Martial Arts Championship WSCMAC" and provide "martial arts scholarships"

    In order to allow more people to practice their martial arts, Wu Martial Arts Association hosted the "World Star Chinese Martial Arts Championship WSCMAC" at the Marriott Westchase Hotel in Houston from March 20th to 22nd, 2015, to encourage young children to admire De, I will be friends. Since 2014, Wu Martial Arts Association has offered “martial arts scholarships” to reward students for their perseverance and persistence in academic martial arts. The first scholarship was awarded on June 29 and the second scholarship was awarded on July 5, 2015.

  • The above is part of our missions!

Our President and Vice President

Wu Martial Arts Association Taichi Class

Ernie Wu


Chienli Wu

Vice President

Taichi Class Students

Wu Martial Arts Association Taichi Class

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Participate in the performance of Rice University, the performance of the Toyota Center, the performance of the love organization




  • (1) 雙手托天理三焦
  • (2) 左右開弓似射鵰
  • (3) 調理脾胃單舉手
  • (4) 搖頭擺尾去心火
  • (5) 五癆七傷往後瞧
  • (6) 雙手攀足護腎腰
  • (7) 轉拳怒目增力氣
  • (8) 背後起點舊病消


更多

太極劍起勢 三環套月 大𣁽星 燕子抄水
左右攔掃 小𣁽星 燕子入巢 靈貓捕鼠
蜻蜓點水 黃蜂入洞 鳳凰雙展翅 左旋風
小𣁽星 右旋風 等魚式 撥草尋蛇
懷中抱月 宿鳥投林 烏龍擺尾 風捲荷葉
獅子搖頭 虎抱頭 野馬跳澗 翻身勒馬
上步指南針 迎風拂麈 順水推舟 流星趕月
天馬行空 挑簾式 左右車輪劍 大鵬單展翅
海底撈月 懷中抱月 夜义探海 犀牛望月
射燕式 白猿獻果 鳳凰雙展翅 左右跨攔
射雁式 白猿獻果 左右落花 玉女穿梭
白虎搖尾 虎抱頭 鲤魚跳龍門 烏龍絞柱
仙人指路 風掃梅花 虎抱頭 指南針





Yang Style Taichi (English)

Ba Duan Jin

Eight Steps are

  • (1) 雙手托天理三焦 Hands care heaven triple burner
  • (2) 左右開弓似射鵰 Footed like Condor
  • (3) 調理脾胃單舉手 Spleen and stomach single show of hands
  • (4) 搖頭擺尾去心火 Chasing its tail to the Firelight
  • (5) 五癆七傷往後瞧 Look back five lesions and seven injured
  • (6) 雙手攀足護腎腰 Hands climb back foot kidney
  • (7) 轉拳怒目增力氣 Turn increase strength angry fist
  • (8) 背後起點舊病消 Consumers start behind an old disease

Yang Style Taichi Sword

Taichi Sword Form
更多

1. Preparation and Opening 2. Three Rings Circle the Moon 3. Big Dipper 4. Swallow Skims Across the Water
5.6. Block and Sweep to the Left and Right 7. Little Star of the Big Dipper 8. Swallow Enters Its Nest 9. Agile Cat Catches the Mouse
10. Dragonfly Touches the Water 11. Bee Enters the Hive 12. Phoenix Spreads Its Wings 13. Whirlwind Moves to the Left
14. Little Star of the Big Dipper 15. Whirlwind Moves to the Right 16. Waiting for the Fish 17. Parting the Grass Looking for Snakes
18. Holding the Moon 19. Bird Flies into the Forest 20. Black Dragon Whips His Tail 21. Wind Blows the Lotus Leaves
22. Lion Shakes Its Head 23. Tigress Holds Its Head 24. Wild Horse Jumps Over the Cree 25. Rein in the Stallion
26.27. Step Forward - Compass Needle Points South 28. Shaking the Duster in the Wind 29. Push the Boat with the Current 30. Shooting Stars Chase the Moon
31. Heavenly Horse Gallops across the Sky 32. Roll Up the Screen 33. Cart—Wheel Sword to the Left and Right 34. Great Peng Spreads Its Wings
35. Scoop Up the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea 36. Holding the Moon 37. Night Demons Explore the Sea 38. Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
39. Shoot the Wild Goose 40. White Ape Offers the Fruit 41. Phoenix Spreads Its Wings 42. Straddle and Cross Block to the Left and Right
43. Shoot the Wild Goose 44. White Ape Offers the Fruit 45. Flowers Fall to the Left and Right 46. Fair Lady Weaves with the Shuttle
47. White Tiger Swings Its Tail 48. Tigress Holds Her Head 49. Carp Jumps Through the Dragon Gate 50. Black Dragon Coils Around the Jady Pillar
51. Immortal Points the Way 52. Wind Sweeps the Plum Blossoms 53. Tigress Holds Her Head 54. Compass Needle Points South
55. Transfer the Sword and Return to the Original Stance

Yang Style Taichi


Chunyang sword


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